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Top 5 States to Find Jobs in Nigeria, No.5 Will Totally Shock You!

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If you ever thought gaining admission and passing through the Nigerian university system was hectic, try graduating and finding jobs in Nigeria.

The Nigeria Bureau of Statistics puts Nigeria’s unemployment rate at an alarming 13%, wait? Is that actually alarming? Because if you asked me and many others, we did say it stands at over 51%, now that’s what I call alarming. Don’t ask me how I got my stats, it’s just an inborn Nigerian thing *winks*

Straight to why we are here. With the current condition of the Nigerian economy, it is obvious that to secure your dream job amongst the current competition of unemployed graduates, you must know exactly where to look to avoid going on a wild goose chase. So therefore we have compiled a list of the top 5 states to find jobs in Nigeria based on number of available job opportunities, Salary and Benefits, and the cost of living.


  1. LAGOS

Of course Nigeria’s commercial city comes in first. Despite how annoyingly busy the city can be, it still provides the highest number of job vacancies year in year out. Finding jobs in Lagos can also be quit confusing owing to the multiple job openings that are featured daily, but you are sure likely to secure employment here that in any other state in Nigeria.

The cost of living here is slightly fair enough and employers are willing to pay well as long as you have the required skills and some bargain wits. So Lagos tops our list of states to find jobs, but you must be prepared to deal with a whole lot of people.


  1. ABUJA

Abuja is undoubtedly Nigeria’s top executive jobs listing location in Nigeria, owing to the fact that most government agencies and top international organization all have their headquarters in the heart of Nigeria’s capital. Even if Abuja can probably not said to be a state, it still comes second in our list.

But be warned, this city could prove very expensive especially in areas of accommodation and cost of living, it is also known not to be a friendly ground to those just out of school and looking to state a life alone. But still the city’s navigation is top class with little traffic and a serene environment.


  1. OYO

Oyo State which holds the ancient city of Ibadan comes in next. The state has seen an improved number of job listing over the past 4 years; the state is also known to be favorable when it comes to accommodation cost and the cost of living. It could prove a good place for anyone looking to start out.


  1. RIVERS (Port-Harcourt)

If you are looking for a commercial city substitute to Lagos state, then Rivers should be your next bet, it also houses one of Nigeria’s commercial power houses (Port-Harcourt) and also not forgetting its oil rich portfolio. Rivers also sees a fair amount of job listing yearly and applicant can hope to secure their dream jobs here.

You should also put in mind the expensive status of its most vibrant city port-Harcourt, which is the city where majority of available jobs will be listed. Rivers is also known for having a serene environment and cool spots where you can hang out after a hectic day in the office.


  1. BORNO

Wait i know what you are thinking right now, but just take that out of your mind for a moment and see the potentials for what it is, coupled with the fact that the military has defeated the insurgency in the north east, at least I want to believe that.

Apart from its shortcomings, Borno actually has some of the top paying jobs in Nigeria right now especially if you are looking at working with one those international agencies or NGOs. Since the return of peace to the region, job opportunities are popping up daily with few hands available to handle them and with the new federal Government intervention fund for the North East; it only means more money flowing around.

In the words of few friends who live and work there, the place is a gold mine!. So be also certain of some of the best working benefits alongside your salary and the cost of living there couldn’t be more cheaper anywhere.


Other notable states to find jobs in Nigeria worth mentioning includes,

  • Enugu
  • Kaduna
  • Ogun State
  • Delta
  • And Benin

But above all, to really secure your dream job or quickly find a job in Nigeria, you need to have the skills that employers require, so spend each day acquiring new skills or building on already acquired skills that could give you the edge when applying for that next job.

Best of Luck Guys.

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