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Searching for A New Job? Keep These Tips in Hand for Your Next Interview.


Everyone has eager to work as early as possible after completion of their graduation.


Does everyone want to work?


Is it true?


I don’t want to say “everyone has eager to work”; I say “Everyone want to earn money” after their graduation immediately. Only few people have eager to work in their career and make their milestones. Rests are working for survival purposes.

Some people forced by their family situation to search a job, some people forced by their parents to search a job and also to take care of their business activities as earlier, some people will go to higher studies and to build up their career later stage. Also few people will get an opportunity to work somewhere before they attend final examination thru campus placement. However, most of the student will not get placement during their academic and leads to search a job on their own after graduation.

We will read this blog to get some ideas to search a job effectively and quickly. Normally, to search a job people will migrate to bigger city/state for survival purposes.

What will they do in bigger city? If they choose to work in other state, they must be having a problem of other regional languages, food and other health issues; even they might not have a close relationships & friends.

How does a newly graduated person handle this situation and come out with a new job?


Here are the ideas:





Make your mindset to get a job within 60 days or write down future date on the separate note work to get a job within. (Say I want to get a job on or before MM/DD/YYYY)

Remind yourself about this deadline everyday and starts to count rest days.




When you able to identify your area of interest you want to work, you should also know the reason why you chosen, and other alternative jobs, related companies to your area of interest. This will help you how to identify how depth you have knowledge, make you to think out of box, and show how you want to grow in your career path, what kind company you look.




It is most important to know your skills after identifying area of interest/domain to work. Identifying your skills is not an easy task as a newly graduate people. To identify your skills, you will need to discuss with your professors/mentors, well wishers. However, I don’t think everyone will do this during their academic. And even colleagues are not encouraging this activities/counseling in their campus.

Don’t worry. TIME and your personal experience will teach you to identify your skills. However, I strongly suggest you to discuss with your professor at least later and maintain a good relationship with them. Always keep surrounding people who got successful in their life and talk to them frequently.

Once identify your area of interest/domain to work, try to attend an interview as much as possible (at least 2-3 interviews per day or 10 interviews per week) in the relevant companies/domain area.

Make a note of your performance during an interview each. (Analysis by yourself)

Make a note of employer feedback, your strengths and weakness. Also write down what kind of skills an employer looks/needs from the candidate. Analysis your weakness rather than strengths and focus on your weakness to build up your career development.

Review your skills, strengths, and overcome weakness before going to attend next interview.



Everyone must be wanted to become like someone who got successful in their life. Find people whose success you want to emulate and ask them about their journeys and milestones. Discuss with them about your difficulties and get their advice, improve your skills, and searching ability.

You can also discuss with your well wishers, relatives and friends who work in the same area/domain or who recently got an opportunity to work in an organization.

Ask about their experience during an interview and their questions. Get an answer and practice it.




Being an independent is one of the skill. Always be independent when you search a job. I suggest you to give more priority to search and to get a job rather than combine with your friends/ relatives in the survival city. Go alone to attend an interview and do your home work further.

Be away from the people who speak and make you to be lack of confident. Think in a 360 degree angle, and search a job. Be remember, once you get a job, you can spend your timings with your friends and relatives to maintain your relationship. Even they respect you and treat in a good manner.




Choosing shirts, Pants, Chutidhaar for female, neat nail cuts, Belt and shoes are very important when you go to an interview. Always use dark color pants (expect black color), light color full sleeves shirts for men, tie. Shoes & belt color must be same. I suggest you to use Lenin, Raymond or Aravind cloths to look better.

For female, chutidhar or Sarees should be light color, light lip sticks and make-up if you like.

Say your name to an interviewer while you give shake hand if your gender as male. For female, it is not necessary and you can say “Hi with a smile and say your name”.

Drink enough water before going to an interview panel if feel dehydrated.




Go to an interview venue at least 30 minutes before. Try to do home work, how to reach venue from your place one day in advance, consider traffic condition on the route in bigger cities like New Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Bengaluru etc., Accordingly, you plan to reach an interview place.

Practice how you want to perform during an interview one day in advance. During practice, remember your weakness and correct it, and perform well in front of the mirror. This practice will help to be more confident and give concentration.

If you are looking to get a job in Management stream, learn how to make a SWOT analysis of the company. Write down in a paper and practice about SWOT analysis about particular company. Try to gather their competitors and their markets. Voluntarily get an opportunity during an interview and explain them about SWOT analysis which you done at home. It will help you to move further round of an interview.

Always use 2 page resume. If you are experienced person, use 3rd page as to show your salary details and expectations.

Don’t copy any formats from website/friends. Resume should be simple word format.

Make your resume as per company profile, roles and responsibilities.

Try to learn about company profile before attend an interview in a particular company.

Try to impress an interviewer when you give self introduction. If necessary, you can write down about self introduction around 15 lines and practice it in front of the mirror.

Always self introduction ends with a smile. Your smile should show an interviewer that you are ready for next questions during an interview.

Try to define yourself that you are better than others. Say “THANK YOU VERY MUCH” at the end of an interview season.




Do not edit your CV more than 2 pages.

Do not apply/send your resume in PDF format and always use simple word format. An interviewer may use your resume to edit about your performance during an interview, draft your skills to succeed your role in their company, and other comments and forward it to concerned department/person for processing further. If you send resume in PDF format, it will hurt an interview to edit or make communication longer. Sometimes it even leads to reject status.

Do not follow up with an interview about your CV status more than twice after attending an interview. Follow up them just once.


Wish you all the best for your career and keep on rocking.

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