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The following positions are open at CareerVibe, to apply for any of the positions, fill out the form below select your position, and upload essential documents that relates to the position you are applying for. 

"Note: Engagement are on part-time bases, enabling you work at flexible hours and earn an extra income. with an option of full-time engagement when we consider necessary."

  • Job Description:

    Applicants are expected to possess an ability to write unique, original and creative content suitable and adaptable to corporate print, blog and website communication platforms.

    • - Must possess excellent written and spoken communication skills in English Language, Strong editing and proof reading skills.

    • - Demonstrable experience in technical writing across different industries and Career topics included as categories on CareerVibe Website.

    • - Demonstrable evidence of being a creative writer

    • - Medium to High Level proficiency using Content Management System (CMS) applications, including Wordpress, MailChimp and Joomla

    • - Maintain and develop contents for all email and social media campaigns while working hand in hand with brand optimization department.

    • - Strong online and offline research skills

    • - High level proficiency using Microsoft office and internet Applications

    • - Intermediate level proficiency using popular design and graphics application: Adope Photoshop, CorelDraw, etc. 

    • - Above all, must be able to create contents based on any or more of these categories. (Career Guide for: Startups, Entrepreneurs, Professionals, Career Tips and Reviews), (Opportunities: Business Resource, Scholarships, Programmes, Events)
  • Job Description:

    Applicants are expected to be vast in the area of brand optimization, covering different skills from Graphics design, Web development, Online marketing, and social media.

    • - Maintain all social media page of company and develop strategies based on current trends for promoting the brand through all social platforms.

    • - Create design solutions that have high visual impact while staying true to the brand of each of our divisions.

    • - Develop concepts, graphics and layouts for product illustrations in print and digital mediums including blog posts and website contents.

    • - Maintain active understanding of guidelines, goals and core value of the brand

    • - Keep abreast of current trends in the industry and advising the company of material and equipment upgrades where necessary

    • - Build and maintain relationships with key industry influencers, bloggers and journalists to ensure steady press coverage inline with our brand.

    • - Work with cross functional marketing groups to ensure that products meet the requirements of our customers and are well positioned in the market.

    • - Understand and articulate unique selling propositions to customers and press, including the planning of product launches and execution.

  • Job Description:

    The Career Development Specialist is a key associate at CareerVibe whose primary responsibilities include: Serve as a career development manager for participants who use CareerVibe's services. This includes providing employability skills training, tips, guides, career development and supportive services for users, and also develop an on-going relationships with employers. The Career Development Specialist will function within internal and external teams to deliver seamless services to the users of CareerVibe and to ensure that positive relationships are maintained resulting in the optimum employment outcome for CareerVibe participants.

    • - Maintain accurate record of services provided to users of CareerVibe using various computer data systems and reports, while developing further services that will be beneficial to users of CareerVibe.

    • - Provide professional answers to career questions by users of CareerVibe, Provide professional CV Reviews, CV and Cover letter Rewrite, giving users of CareerVibe the edge in their chosen career path.

    • - Facilitate online employability skills training, resume’ and cover letter development and career choice advise.

    • - Develop new strategies for CareerVibe users seeking new employment and endeavors to identify career objectives suited to their abilities. Also develop and update regularly individual strategies for overcoming challenges to employment and recruitment for users.

    • - Provide career development coaching in accordance to program requirements, current labor market and employer demands.

    • - Provide appropriate support services, including referrals to outside agencies, to assist in ensuring successful service delivery by CareerVibe.

    • - Connect positively with community agencies and employers serving as liaison for participant to ensure appropriate job matches and to promote CareerVibe and its mission.



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