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20 Soft Skills That Will Put You Ahead in Your Career in 2017


The people who will get ahead the fastest have the strongest “soft” skills.


They are the ones who posses these essential traits and skills for Job Success

  • Proactive in taking ownership of a job and doing the right things without having to be told.
  • Assertiveness in pushing the status quo.
  • Courage in challenging bad ideas, bad decisions and bad processes.
  • Influencing others who are not direct reports especially peers, people in other functions and executives, to make difficult decisions.
  • Coaching and helping others especially when they’ll get no credit for it and when it takes extra time.
  • Managers who spend extra time to build, develop and motivate their team members to get better.
  • Consistently making commitments and taking responsibility for delivering. And without making excuses when things go wrong.
  • Collaborating, negotiating and reaching agreement with cross-functional teams on challenging and competing objectives.
  • Problem-solving, creative and strategic thinking skills that address root cause and best solutions given the constraints.
  • Organizational and project management skills to ensure complex team tasks are completed successfully.
  • Taking the initiative and doing more than required with limited direction.
  • Communications skills to present ideas clearly and distinctly to the required audiences.
  • Customer service skills including being cooperative, supportive and understanding, regardless of who the customer is.
  • Cultural fit with the hiring manager’s style, the pace of the organization and the values of the company. Flexibility in dealing with changing situations and with different people.
  • Resilient in handling the all too frequent setbacks.
  • Continuous self-development recognizing that if you’re not getting better you’re falling behind.
  • Having the vision to see what needs to get done and then getting it done. When combined with all of the above it’s called leadership.
  • Listening and withholding judgement until all of the facts are heard.
  • Willing to change an opinion based on new facts.
  • Openly willing to take criticism and be coached and adjusts and improves behavior accordingly.

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